Increasing the conversion rates by using a mobile app

As a matter of fact, your company success depends on your revenue. This interest is the rest money on your wallet after spending a lot of budget for marketing, advertising, and other miscellaneous fees. Thanks to those SEO actions, the number of shoppers visits your online store increasing dramatically. It means your products have more chance to sell, but it will be a problem if the sales number is not raising. From where I stand, I suggest some tips in order to improve this situation.


It can be clearly seen that e-commerce has entirely revolutionized retail in the last twenty years. Along with this, the development of smartphones, as well as public WiFi and mobile internet technologies have also changed the shopping habits of buyers. Statistics show that the number of sales which are purchased from mobile devices increases 50% while it’s just increased 17% by using their personal computer. People use their mobile phones almost all the time when they are in the office, the café, and in the bus. Your business should not only optimize mobile friendly but also create a mobile app to make customer’s shopping experience become more comfortable. A mobile app should have clearly user interface, limit advertisements, and only display necessary information for shoppers. It is said that the purchasing rate from mobile app increases more than 40% – compare with completing orders from mobile browsers via add to cart and contact from.

conversion rates by using a mobile app


But there is a fact that not all customers are willing to install your mobile app on their smartphones. There have several main factors about this problem. Firstly, they can access several stores at the same time with browsers, while can only visit one store if using an app. Moreover, clients will not put their devices in risk situation when installing a new app because there might have issues with transaction security or malware. I recommend some solutions to overcome this problem such as giving vouchers/discounts if they install your app, reviewing/sharing app to gain points, and so on.

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