5 Ways to Improve Checkout Conversion Rates

Nowadays, online shopping is on the rise because of the rapid expansion of the Internet and use of mobile devices in the market. A lot of store owners spends so much money on advertising and marketing but its revenues and income don’t increase as expected. The number of website visitors raises while the number of real customers are not. It is reported that around 70% new customers are not completing their purchases online, and they will leave and never comeback. But every problem is an opportunity. In this post, we share some tips to improve and avoid them.

1 Do not distract your customers

Firstly, you should make the purchasing process as simple as possible. A lot of buyers refuse from a purchase because of a too frustrating and long checkout process. Secondly, please eliminate hyperlinks in a cart and any advertisements which could stop shoppers from completing orders. Those distractions can be really harmful for your sales.

abandoned cart reminder

2 Provide crystal-clear images and purchasing processes as well as gain customer’s trust

You should let customers know exactly about your checkout process by integrating a purchase progress indicator. Besides, please use trust signals such as use reviews of satisfied customers and sign up https for your website to increase the customer’s confidence about the security transaction. Last but not least, please enhance your customer support service. You can provide live chat, contact form ,  community forums, and more in order to give them confidence to move further.

abandoned cart reminder

3 Gather email addresses

In the very first ordering steps, please try to collect your customer email addresses at the start. If they can’t complete the purchase for some reasons, you can send them an email to remind about their abandoned carts.

abandoned cart reminder


4 Display warning message when visitors leave website

When they decide to leave your website, the possibility to buy products are reduced. You should let them know that these products might not be available when they come back to purchase by showing up a warning message.

5 Use tools

As a matter of fact, there exist huge amount of abandoned carts that we can’t avoid; so we should use some tools to improve the situation. Abandoned cart reminder is a powerful module which can send reminder emails for your customers anytime. You can offer them discount codes and the free shipping option in that reminder emails. This module also have reminder popups as well as browser notification which can be displayed even when they are not visiting your store.

abandoned cart reminder


Hope that this post helps you in increasing your sales. Let us know your good news!

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